No Route 3
The TU 692 Web Page "No Route 3" has been removed to make way for new content that has yet to be developed.

Although our opposition to the building an Interstate Highway through the heart of the Appalachians remains strong, by all accounts, the issue is dead.

Whether the issue has died because of the valiant effort by so many to stop it or because of the general economic times, is not important at this time. The important point is that the issue is dead.

Should the issue raise it's ugly head again, I assure you this Chapter of TU will once again voice their strenuous opposition.

WaysSouth, a web site devoted to "Responsible Transportation in Appalachia" continues to monitor the situation. Their site contains an archive of articles dealing with the "Stop Route 3" campaign. If you are interested in researching the strength of the opposition to the building of an Interstate Highway through our pristine environment I suggest you visit their site.