From the TVA Website:
If you like fishing or enjoy
swimming and boating on
TVA-managed reservoirs, you need
to be aware of the possible hazards
surrounding dams.

The scheduled release of water
from the dam can and should be
checked by internet and telephone
prior to a fishing excursion.

Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. of the current day.

Observed water levels also are updated periodically throughout the day. Predicted water levels are updated at least once a day, by 1 p.m. Eastern time, and may be updated more frequently when conditions warrant. However:

Hazardous Waters

Water release schedules often change without notice due to unanticipated changes in weather conditions and power system requirements.

Use caution near dams. A large amount of water may be discharged without warning AT ANY TIME.

A large amount of water can be discharged through a dam without warning at any time. For example, when the demand for electricity is high, the turbines that generate electricity at a dam may start automatically, resulting in a significant increase in the flow of water within only a matter of seconds. Similarly, river operations for flood control can create rapidly rising water levels in otherwise shallow riverbeds, especially below tributary dams, which are usually located in steep terrain.

The cold water released through tributary dams even during the summer may also be a hazard. Cold-water temperatures can result in shock and hypothermia, and slippery rocks and hidden holes can cause an unexpected fall.

Even if you’re an experienced boater, angler, or swimmer, it pays to know the signs of rising water and the rules you should follow to ensure your safety.

Before leaving home - Go to the
TVA Reservoir Information Web Site and choose the Reservoir you are interested in on the Left Hand Drop Down List and click View Info. Choose a time when zero generators will be running.

In the past, Reservoir information was available by touch-tone phone. The 800 number has, in my experience, often gone unanswered (800-238-2264). The web page describing the service can be found
Here. This service is now available by an App for smart phones.  You can download the TVA Lake Info App (iPhone and Android) from your App Store.

Oh, and don't forget, Have Fun!

Blue Ridge Dam